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Are you looking for piano movers in your area? Moving locally often requires careful planning, especially if you are moving a large piano with your other possessions. In this case, you need to find professional piano movers that will ensure the safety of your instrument.

How we transport your pianos, which type of pianos we can move and how you schedule your relocation with our Dallas piano movers - you can find out everything below.


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Great experience from beginning to end. My crew of Marcelino, Jorge, and Jay was great! They were friendly and got the job done quickly and safely. I highly recommend A#1 Movers.

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Why Choose Our Local Piano Movers?

When you google ‘piano movers near me’, you will notice that there isn’t a large number of companies that provide such service. A majority of the moving companies offer a variety of services, but piano moving service isn’t often one of them.

This is why our piano movers are one of the best choices to move your instrument. We have an experienced team of movers that is specifically trained in moving your piano. Also, our piano movers in Dallas will bring all the necessary equipment that is required to transport a piano safely.

For the piano moving services, our movers need to bring an additional team member to help us carry the piano to the truck and later, to your new home. This is essential for us to ensure safety of your instrument.

Other than that, our A#1 piano movers have already completed thousands of local moves in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We have been rated as one of the top movers in this region due to the high quality of services we provide and our competitive prices.

How Does Moving Your Piano Works
With Our Dallas Piano Movers?


Get a Free Moving Quote

The first thing you should do as you start looking for piano movers is find several moving companies that you like based on reviews, recommendations and your research. To compare their services and offers, you can ask for a free moving quote.

Often, Dallas piano movers offer free moving estimates for everyone who wants to move their piano. Our A#1 Piano movers can send you a moving quote online or over the phone. All you have to do is contact us and send us the details about your move in order for us to calculate the price for you.

Keep in mind that this is just an estimate and it isn’t an accurate price you will pay for your piano move. However, the more details you provide, the more accurate our piano movers will be able to be when creating a quote.

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Book Your Relocation

The next step is to secure your piano moving company and you will do so by booking in advance. Although not a lot of people move their pianos specifically, a lot of people move every season and booking our piano movers may be tricky.

Booking with our piano moving company is fairly simple. After you receive a moving quote, which is non-binding and personalized, we will help you schedule your piano move by getting to all the details of your relocation.

You also need to pay the deposit and we will send you the confirmation to your email. The deposit will be counted towards the overall balance of your relocation, but this is important to make sure that we avoid last-minute cancellations and for our piano movers to start working and planning your move.


Moving Your Piano on a Moving Day

Our piano movers will arrive at your home to relocate your piano. We arrive during the guaranteed window of arrival that you select when you book your relocation.

Moving a piano is our priority and there are some conditions in which we will accept to move your instrument. This is something you will know in advance: It is much better for our piano moving company to be transparent about what we can do and what we cannot do.

At this point, our A#1 piano movers can only help you with upright pianos. We are not moving other types of pianos. Furthermore, the piano needs to be located at the ground floor. Unfortunately, if the piano needs to be taken downstairs, our movers will not be able to do it.

The same goes for bringing the piano into your new home. Our piano movers will secure the instrument during the transportation in our truck and we will take it inside your new home, but not bring it to upper floors.

Pianos are heavy and really expensive to repair when they get damaged, which is why it is always advisable to have professional piano movers handle your instrument.

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Piano Movers Will Send You Personalized and All-Inclusive Prices

Knowing your price is essential when you are looking for piano moving services. Our piano movers are always providing all-inclusive rates whether we help you move your piano or the piano with the rest of your home.

Here’s what our piano moving company always includes in the price:

  • Tools and equipment (moving dollies, wardrobe boxes, etc.)
  • Wrapping and padding materials (shrink wrap and moving blankets)
  • The service of disassembly and reassembly
  • Crew of movers
  • Trucks according to their move size
  • Basic coverage insurance
  • All-taxes

Our piano movers charge by the hour and you pay for your piano move after it is finished. We have a two-hour minimum which is required for us to start your move. The price depends which other services you request besides piano moving.

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Will Moving a Piano Put it Out of Tune?

Pianos might go out of tune when you move them. If you are using professional piano movers, it may happen that pianos go out of tune during the time they spend inside the trailer if the drive is a few hours long, especially the cheaper upright pianos.

The more expensive pianos do stay in tune and some don’t need to be tuned after the move. Either way, you can check this after the relocation, but in most common situations, you should tune your piano after the move.

If your piano movers take your instrument to one of their storage units and later bring it to your new home, tuning will be necessary because of the changes in temperatures and humidity.

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Do You Need Piano
Movers to
Move Your Piano?

When moving a piano, you can either find specialized piano movers, or moving companies which provide a piano moving service. There is a difference in price, but the regular movers who offer this service often have their team members specialize in piano moves.

It is always better to relocate your piano with professional piano movers instead of you doing it by yourself. Pianos are heavy and there’s a lot of things that can go wrong during the transportation, which is why someone with the professional equipment should help you.

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What to Tip
Piano Movers?

Tipping piano movers is completely up to you. Wait for the piano moving company to finish their job before you include the tip. The tip can range between $5 and $10 per hour per person and this is generally a good rule of thumb.

There aren’t any rules to tipping and you can go above or below that price. This will depend on how professional piano movers are, their efficiency and other factors. You can estimate this and tip your movers accordingly.

Book Your Piano Move With A#1 Piano Movers

Do you need piano moving help? Look no further because our piano movers in Dallas will help you move your instrument safely and effectively.

To schedule your move, call (469) 321-0399 and one of our company representatives will guide you through the booking process. If you’ve already moved your piano, you can book your relocation with our piano movers online as well.

There’s nothing more beautiful than the music in your new home! Book your piano movers today and secure the transportation of your instrument.

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