Dallas Movers Offer Free and Personalized Moving Quotes

When people decide to move, the first thing they decide is whether they want to move with a professional Dallas moving company or by themselves. After weighing all the pros and cons, most of the people decide to hire Dallas movers and leave it all to the experts.


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A#1 Movers is great! The crew that did my move which I now call the awesome 3 (Marcelino, Jorge, & Jonathan) we're excellent and professional in every way. A#1 Movers is a name well deserved and their prices are great! Highly recommend!

Dore H.


However, finding local movers in Dallas can be more complicated than you think. There are a large number of moving companies in the area that offer a wide range of services and different perks for their clients.

Our A#1 Movers provide you with free and personalized moving quotes so that you can plan your budget and see which services to choose for your move. Our company representatives will help you by answering your questions and figuring out the best and the most optimal solution for your situation.

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Moving Quotes
Are Free

Once you contact our A#1 Movers, you will receive your free moving quote. We don’t charge for our moving quotes because we believe that everyone who moves with us should first get a sense of what they can expect.

Charging for this service doesn’t make sense as we want to help you come up with the best solution for your move. If you aren’t sure, you can always give us a call and our representatives will ask you all the questions so that we can provide you with a free moving estimate.

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Moving Quotes Are Personalized

Every move is different. There aren’t any relocations that are exactly the same. Because of that our hourly rates can change depending on what you need to do. Therefore, our A#1 Movers provide quotes that are fully personalized and made with you in mind.

For example, the two people can move from the apartment which is the same in size and have approximately the same amount of stuff, but if one of them has a piano that needs to be relocated, that changes the entire organization and our moving team needs to take this into consideration when creating movers quotes.

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Moving Quotes Are

Lastly, our moving quotes are non-binding. In other words, once you get a quote, you aren’t required to get back to us and proceed with the booking process. Although our A#1 Movers would be thrilled to hear back from you, we understand that this doesn’t always happen.

With the moving quotes being non-binding, it is always worth it to call our professional movers and get a quote. You’ve nothing to lose and you can discover what our moving team can do for you!

What Information Our A#1 Movers Need To Create a Moving Quote

Whether you are calling us or sending us an email/filling the form, you need to provide us with some details so that we can create a quote for you. Our Dallas movers need the following information:

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Move Size
(Number Of Bedrooms & Approximate SQFT)

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Office Moves:
A Complete List Of Items

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Time Restrictions

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Zip Codes Of The
Pickup And Delivery Locations

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Stairs Situation

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Heavy / Special Items

Prepare everything before the call and contact our Dallas moving company to get your free and personalized moving quote and start the moving process!

Booking Your Relocation
With A#1 Movers

Once you get your moving quote, you should then proceed to booking. Booking our Dallas movers is just as simple and this is also something that you can do over email or by calling us. It is much faster to do it over the phone, but we’ll leave you to choose.

To book your relocation, you need to pay the deposit first. This is a small sum of money that will be calculated toward the overall balance of the move. Before you book, you will select all the Dallas moving services, the type of your move and the date as well.

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Finalizing the Reservation

If there are some details that we are missing from you after the quote, we’ll ask you to provide us the details. To finalize the reservation, this is what our A#1 Movers need:

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  • Your email address so we can send a confirmation email
  • The complete addresses of the pick-up and delivery locations
  • Any special requests or difficulties that we may encounter: narrow streets, a specific time frame for your move, additional pick-up or delivery locations, delivery of wardrobe boxes, etc.

Our movers have a flexible cancellation policy that we will explain to you and once we complete everything, we will send you all the details. Double-check everything and let us movers know that you’ve received the necessary paperwork. After that, there’s nothing else to do but wait for our movers to get started!

Get Your Moving Quote From A#1 Movers Today!

Now that you know how everything works and what you need to send us, it is time to request your moving quote. In the next 15 minutes you can have an offer in front of you!

Call us at (469) 321-0399 if you have some questions and concerns, but also to get your moving quote and get your local move underway.

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