A#1 Movers Provide Best Dallas Moving Services Since 2015

A#1 Movers is a professional moving company that provides moving services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We’ve been active since 2015 and we have quickly established ourselves as one of the best packers and movers in Dallas! Our Dallas movers will take care of the entire local move from start to finish and all you need to do is call us and schedule your relocation!


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Why Choose A#1 Movers
in Dallas, TX?

Choosing a professional moving company is one of the most important things to do before you start the move. Here’s what makes our Dallas movers the best pick:

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Experienced Team

Our packers and movers in Dallas have the necessary experience and training to tackle every moving situation. We have completed hundreds of local moves in the Dallas area and we always do what’s best for you.

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Wide Range Of Services

Our movers in Dallas, TX provide a wide range of different moving services. No matter what you need, you can find it with A#1 Movers!

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Personalized Service

Our Dallas movers treat every relocation differently. We always take everything into consideration before you provide you with the moving quote and offer our services to you!

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Awesome Customer Support

If you’ve never moved before, our Dallas moving company will keep supporting you throughout the process. You can always call us if you have any questions and the company agent that is working on your move will be there for you!

Great experience from beginning to end. My crew of Marcelino, Jorge, and Jay was great! They were friendly and got the job done quickly and safely. I highly recommend A#1 Movers.

Kyle C.


Jorge and Colby did a great job on the move, they wrapped and protected all our belongings nicely and moved them gently. I have a lot of respect for movers, this is a very demanding job. These guys were very professional and good at what they do.

Eric P.


Marcelino and Alonzo was very friendly and very professional. They moved my boxes and furniture handling all of it with unbelievable good care as if it was their own. They did an outstanding job, and I would use A#1 Movers company again because of these two.



Marcelino, Deahawn, and Ricky did an amazing job with our move!! They were quick and efficient. They kept me updated on their arrival times and where they were. They were extremely nice and professional.

Alexadrienne M.


It’s fair to say they were more than helpful. I had two desks that my wife and I used to work from home and they are pretty heavy. The movers did a fabulous job.They also put it back together. Those desks were pretty expensive and I was worried that they could get damaged.

Ben W.


Thanks to the Dallas moving company I was able to move my office in record time. It’s a small office, only 10 of us, but the movers were really efficient. They were not late and we were able to set up on the day of the move and continue working tomorrow!

Roy P.


My family and I arrived in 2020 to the US when the war broke out and we moved three times. The last time was with A#1 Movers. Thank you guys!

David O.


The company we scheduled to move us to Mansfield canceled on us!! We had to find new Dallas movers quickly and A#1 Movers stepped up. We already took a day off from work and were afraid that we would not move, but luckily the A#1 crew managed to squeeze us in! Much appreciated.

Dorian F.


I used junk removal from A#1 Movers in Dallas. I had some things I wanted to donate and the rest to throw out. They arrived and picked up everything. They saved me a lot of time since I didn’t have to drive to these two locations.

Sarah B.


I had a great experience with A-1. The move was professional and fast. Marcelino, George and Luis worked hard and were very careful with our things, and communication was all so courteous.

Sue A.


Marcelino and Jorge were moving me to my new apartment today, they were quick, efficient and professional. They took care of every item they touched and went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly, will use them for my next move!

Parker T.


Had to tell EVERYONE! These guys did a GREAT JOB! They were kind professional, efficient, and took my worries away! They wrapped every big furniture item, we’re very careful w my things and even when we got to my storage place they patiently waited.

Maribel R.


My crew, which included Marcelino, Jorge and Ace, was exceptional! The guys wrapped everything diligently, and took great care in moving a 250 year old antique armoire that is very heavy. I would recommend them to anyone!

Chris W.


Love, love, love the crew that was sent to move me. Very professional gentleman, worked very good and in a timely manner. Thanks Hector, Jorge and Sam for a smooth and stress free move!!! Definitely recommend this company for any and all moves!

Kimberly B.


They are extremely communicative, prompt and efficient. Marcelino, Jorge, and Kaleb helped me with a heavy duty move into my new home and went above and beyond, even when dealing with stairs and extremely heavy and onerous furniture.

Marty S.


This was my first time with the company. Jorge And Rodney were very helpful and professional. They picked everything up really quick and came on time. Their prices are also reasonable. I will definitely work with them in the future again. Very satisfied with their work!

Hasan Z.


Marcileno Jorge and Louis did an amazing job assisting me with a move back!! They were early and handled the 3 flights of stairs like a champ and in the rain!! Highly recommend and will request these 3 when I need help again!

Angela C.


Moving for most is typically as pleasurable as a dental appointment. But Marcelino, Jorge and Alonzoe helped make it tolerable. They were professional yet amiable, timely yet patient, diligent yet detailed. Great team. They’re the first I’ll call on any future move.

Scott C.


Don’t just take our word for it,
see what our customers have to say

Dallas Movers Offer Competitive
and All-Inclusive Prices

One of the biggest questions people have is how much their move would cost. We can assure you that our A#1 Movers are affordable and offer competitive rates. But what we also do is offer all-inclusive prices. That means that when you pay for the move, you won’t have any extra expenses.

Here’s what our price always includes: Tools and equipment (moving dollies, wardrobe boxes, etc.), wrapping and padding materials (shrink wrap and moving blankets), the service of disassembly and reassembly, crew of movers, trucks according to their move size, basic coverage insurance and all-taxes.







Our Dallas movers also offer hourly rates to everyone who moves locally! The minimum for a local move is two hours and you pay after the move is completed. Furthermore, there aren’t any hidden fees. You can rest assured that you will not pay extra for something all of a sudden.. Moving with our Dallas moving company is 100% safe!

Quoting and Booking
With Dallas Movers

The quoting and booking process is very simple with Dallas movers. All you need to do is contact us via the phone or online and we will initiate the process. Send us a few details so that we can provide you with a moving quote that is completely free and personalized!

After that, we will book your local move. Our Dallas moving company will send you all the details to your email address. Once you pay a deposit, we can start working on your move. Get your free moving quote and start your relocation with A#1 Movers.

As for the deposit, it will be calculated towards your overall balance. However, we need to make sure that we are on the same page regarding the move and that we avoid last-minute cancellations. There is a flexible cancellation policy we will let you know about once you give us a ring!

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A#1 Movers Provide Flexible Scheduling and Guaranteed Window of Arrival

We want you to feel comfortable during your move, which is why our Dallas movers offer flexible scheduling and guaranteed window of arrival. This means that you get to choose exactly when you move.

With flexible scheduling, you get to pick the day that suits you. A#1 movers can complete your move during the weekdays or on the weekends. Upon booking, you will get a chance to choose a free day that we have in our calendar as the day of your move.

But that is not everything. We have several slots each day and you have a chance to select a window of arrival. Our movers will come during one of those windows. That means that you will not have to sit around waiting for your Dallas moving company to show up.

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A#1 Dallas Movers Is Proud of
Piano Moving Services!

One service we are really proud of is the piano moving service. Our Dallas moving company specializes in piano moves, something not a lot of moving companies in Dallas provide. Pianos are big and heavy and moving them is a nightmare, but not when you choose our experts.

Our movers will come to your home and carry your piano from your home to our truck. We have all the necessary moving equipment to ensure safe transport. Due to its weight, we need a team of four to carry the upright piano.

Keep in mind that at the moment, our Dallas movers only provide upright piano moving services. However, we are working on adding different types of pianos and other instruments.

There are some limitations to this service. The piano needs to be located on the ground floor. Our movers are unable to take the piano down the stairs or bring it upstairs. We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of your piano and we’d sometimes refuse the service rather than mess it up.

a1 mover inside truck

Frequently Asked Questions A#1 Movers Get

Our Dallas movers get a lot of questions every day about our moving services, the moving process, booking and everything else related to moving. We’ve answered some of the questions you have for us below:

01 Do I Need To Be Present During The Entire Moving Process?

While it's not always necessary for you to be present during the entire moving process, it's recommended that you are available at both the pickup and delivery locations. This allows you to answer any questions our Dallas movers may have, provide specific instructions, and ensure that everything is going according to plan. If you can't be present, you can designate a representative to oversee the process on your behalf.

02 What Happens If My Belongings Get Damaged During The Move?

Our reputable local movers in Dallas, TX have insurance coverage to protect your belongings during the move. If any items are damaged or lost, we will reimburse you for it. You will get all the details about our insurance during our call. We will guide you through the claims process and work towards resolving the issue and compensating you if it comes to that.

03 Do I need to provide packing materials, or will the movers bring them?

Our movers in Dallas, TX offer packing services and we can bring our own packing materials. This includes boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and other necessary supplies. We only charge you for what we use for your move. However, if you insist, you can bring your own packing materials.

04 Are local movers in Dallas, TX licensed and insured?

Yes, our reputable Dallas movers are licensed and insured. We have all the necessary permits and licenses to operate legally, and we also offer insurance to protect your belongings during the moving process. You can easily check our credentials - give us a call and we will be happy to share more details with you.

05 What is the difference between a binding and non-binding estimate?

A binding estimate is a written agreement between you and the moving company that guarantees the cost of the move based on the services and quantities listed in the estimate. The price will not increase, even if the actual weight or volume of your belongings is higher than estimated.

On the other hand, a non-binding estimate provides an approximation of the cost based on the mover's assessment of your items, but the final cost can vary depending on the actual weight or volume of the goods. Our A#1 movers provide non-binding estimates.

Start Your Move with A#1 Movers. We Are Expecting You!

Our A#1 Movers are more than thrilled to start working with you on your local relocation. Whether you need an office or the residential move, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is call our movers at (469) 321-0399, get your quote and kickstart your moving process..

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