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Before you start your relocation, you need to find the best movers and packers in the area. To do so, you can usually search in Google for “packers and movers near me” and the search engine will do the rest. You will have a variety of Dallas movers to choose from and after that, you will have to look carefully to select the best movers that pack for you.

Packing is one of the most boring things you need to take care of during your move. Yet, this is something you cannot disregard. While packing by yourself does have some advantages, you will definitely be better off with a professional packing and moving company. Not only will they help you save you some time, but you will also be sure that everything will be transported safely without any damage.

Let’s see how our A#1 packers and movers can assist you when it comes to packing in particular, but also the rest of your relocation as well.


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Packers and Movers in Dallas Offer Three Packing Options

Our Dallas packers and movers have three packing options and you get to choose what works for you. Some of our previous clients preferred to pack by themselves in order to save some money, but we can assure you that packing isn’t expensive. In fact, a majority of people who choose our packing and moving services decide to let us do all the work.

  • Standard Service
  • Partial Packing Service
  • Full-Pack Service

The names are self-explanatory, but let’s dive deeper to see what you get with each package.

Partial Packing is a Fantastic
Choice to Save Time

With partial packing our Dallas movers will take care of your kitchen and your closet, while you do the rest. This is a great service because there’s a lot of fragile items in your kitchen that need to be packed professionally and our packers and movers will do exactly that.

We will make sure that all the boxes are labeled and secured so that we know what to unpack where, once we help you move to your new home. Our professional packers and movers will bring all the necessary moving equipment, but you pay only for the things we end up using.

If you want to speed up your moving process, choosing partial packing is the way to go. Let us help you pack your home.

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Our Packers and Movers Don’t Charge
Extra for the Full Pack Service

If you are considering partial packing, why not opt for the full-pack service? It doesn’t cost extra money and our movers and packers will pack your entire home. For this service, we do need one extra team member, but the service itself isn’t charged more.

If you choose this type of packing and moving service, you can rest assured that everything will be packed safely. Not only will we do the packing, but we will dismantle any pieces of furniture that cannot be taken out and loaded into the truck in one piece and reassemble it once we arrive.

If you really want to save time and not be involved on your moving day, let our A#1 Dallas movers handle the entire process. Our team is trained and experienced and we will be efficient and ensure the safety of your belongings.

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Why is Our Moving and Packing
Company the Best Choice?

The packing services our Dallas movers offer cater to everyone who needs to move locally. It is up to you to choose which of the options works best. When selecting our packing and moving services, you can decide whether you want us to bring supplies or not, what we pack and what you pack, etc. You have the freedom of choice to design this move to fit your needs.

Of course, our packers and movers will give you advice on what the best thing to do is. Not only that but packing can be a standalone service or a part of your moving process with us. Let us explain.

You can either call our packers and movers for packing ONLY or you can request us to take care of your entire move. Some people may already own a truck and they just want us to pack everything safely and save them some time. Aside from packing, our A#1 Dallas Movers have years of experience and thousands of successful moves behind us.

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How Does Your Move Look
with Our Dallas Packers and Movers?

No matter how many times you have moved in your life, having an experienced packing and moving company by your side is a blessing. Before you even book our Dallas movers, we want to show you how the packing and moving process looks like with our professionals.


Getting a Quote

The first part of your move is to call movers and packers you are interested in and ask them for a free moving quote. When you call us or fill out the form we created online, we will provide you with the free and personalized quote.

To receive as accurate a quote as possible it is best to call our Dallas movers over the phone. One of our moving company representatives will guide you through the process and ask for the details about your move.

The information our packers and movers require from you for a complete moving quote:

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The Number Of Bedrooms In Your Current Home/List Of Items In Case We Are Moving An Office

weight icon

Any Special Circumstances: Heavy Items, Stairs, Elevator Reservations, Restrictions, Etc

pin icon

Zip Codes Of The
Pickup And Delivery Locations

box icon

The Approximate Square Footage Of Your Current Home (Unless You May Be Downsizing, In That Case, We Will Ask For The Square Footage Of Your New Property)

What you should know about our quotes is that they are non-obligatory. That means that you are not required to proceed with the booking process if you don’t like our offer.

Book your Movers and Packers

After the initial quoting process, you get some time to think about the offer and then select packing and moving service before you book your move. The booking process itself is quite straightforward.

One of our representatives will guide you through the process that requires several minutes to complete. We will collect all the necessary information so that our packers and movers prepare for the moving day on time.

To complete your reservation, we need the following details:

  • Your email address (We will send you a confirmation email)
  • The complete addresses of pickup and delivery location
  • Any special requests or difficulties we might encounter
  • Select the packing supplies and what you want our Dallas movers to bring.

After we agree on everything we are ready to book your relocation. There’s only one more thing. Our packers and movers require a deposit - a sum that will be calculated towards the overall balance of the move.

Before you finish up the booking, you need to know what you are paying for. A#1 movers and packers have all-inclusive rates with no hidden fees. Here’s what we include in the price of your move:

  • The service of disassembly and reassembly of your furniture
  • Packing even the smallest items into boxes
  • Our tools, dollies, and moving equipment
  • Shrinkwrap and moving blankets to ensure the protection of your furniture during handling and transit
  • Wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes
  • Basic coverage insurance
  • A truck according to your move size (up to 26ft)
  • All taxes

Moving Day with Dallas Movers

Finally, the moving day is here! You must be excited to finally relocate to your new home in Dallas. You have nothing to worry about because our movers and packers are on their way.

You’ve already familiar with the packing process as you’ve selected one of our three packing options. Our professional packers and movers will show up at the agreed time (We have a guaranteed window of arrival) and start with the packing process.

If you select packing only, we come without our track. With packing and moving services, our team will show up in a truck with all the equipment that is required for the move. For the full packing options, there’s no sense in sending two movers because of the size of the job.

When we arrive, our packers and movers will unload, reassemble and unpack everything. Once the move is over, you can rate our services and give us your feedback!

Get started now
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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Dallas Movers and Packers?

The price of your packing and moving service depends on several factors such as the size of your home, the option you select for packing and the distance from your old home to your new one.

These are all the factors that affect the price, which is why it is best to contact our A#1 Dallas movers and request your quote. When we collect more details, it will be easier for us to send you an accurate price.

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Do Movers and
Packers Pack For You?

A majority of moving and packing companies do the packing for you. However, packers and movers such as A#1 Movers from Dallas provide you with multiple options to customize your moving experience. You can select no-packing, partial or full packing service and choose how to proceed from there.

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How Packers and
Movers Charge?

Packers and movers can either charge you per hour or give you a flat rate. If the moving is included besides the packing, you can expect the price per hour from local packers and movers and a flat rate from long-distance companies.

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What Packers and
Movers Do?

Professional packers and movers help you pack your possessions for your local, interstate or cross-country move. They provide a variety of packing and moving services that you can use to make this experience a lot easier and be more time-efficient.

Book your A#1 Dallas Packers and Movers And Let us Pack You!

We are ready to start packing your possessions. All of our moving equipment is ready and our Dallas movers are eager to get started. All you need to do is give us a green light.

Call (469) 321-0399 or visit this page if you want to schedule reliable movers and packers in Dallas, TX.

Let us take care of packing and save you time, energy and money!

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