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Greg M.

Local Move

Marcelino and Jorge. Were awesome. They were professional and fast. I would recommend these movers to anybody who needs to move. That’s what i call fast and reliable service. Thank you.

Sean M.

Local Move

The 3 guys showed up on time. Worked efficiently. Wrapped and protected all my belongings. Was very happy with the move. Thanks to the crew. Marcelino, Jorge, and Jonathan.

Debbie H.

Local Mover

A1 Movers are the best ever and they are very reasonable. This is the second time I’ve used them. Our crew, Marcelino, Jonathan and Aurelio were efficient, professional, hard working and friendly. I appreciate them so much. I highly recommend them.

Nicolette S.

Local Move

If you are looking for quality movers and the best price in Dallas, then A#1 movers is it! Marcelino, Jonathan and Manuel were an amazing team. They worked quickly and efficiently and took care of all our stuff! Highly recommended!

Stephanie M.

Local Mover

Jorge and Ernesto with A1Movers were professional, quick and made the delivery super easy! Even with a massive washer and dryer- they did NOT ding or mess up any of the walls. Highly recommend A++

Beth C.

Local Move

Marcelino, Jorge, and Aurelio did an amazing job with our move today. They communicated well with us, and took excellent care of our stuff! We would 100% work with them again :)

Irving Moving Company Offers Security for Your Local Move

Looking for movers in Irving, TX may take some time and effort, but once you find the right moving company, they will organize your entire move from start to finish. Our reliable Irving movers offer you an easy booking process and the safety throughout the entire relocation. 

Contact our Irving, TX movers and schedule your relocation in just a few minutes. Let’s see how everything works so that you know what to prepare and expect. 

Book Your Irving Moving Company Quickly and Start Your Move Today

Getting a Free Moving Quote

The first step in your relocation is to ask for a moving quote. With the free moving estimate, you can calculate the costs and figure out your move financially before you commit to Irving movers. 

You can get a free moving quote from our Irving moving company either by calling us or filling the form on our website. Either way, we will send you the quote quickly. Keep in mind that this is a price estimate, which means that the more details you provide us the more accurate we can be. And speaking of which, to send you the quote, our moving company in Irving, TX requires you to send us the following details: 

  • Move size (number of bedrooms & approximate SQFT) 
  • Office moves: a complete list of items 
  • Zip Codes of the Pickup and Delivery locations
  • Stairs situation 
  • Heavy / Special Items 
  • Time Restrictions 

Our quotes are personalized, free and non-binding. Once our Irving movers send you a quote, you can proceed to the booking process, or you can take some time to think about it before you call us back. 

Once You Book Your Movers in Irving, TX, We Will Send You All the Papers 

Once we get all the details about the move, we can proceed to booking. If you’ve never moved with our Irving movers, we will guide you through the entire process. To finalize the booking, you need to pay the deposit so that we can start working on your move. 

The deposit is a symbolic sum that will be calculated to your overall balance. You’ll know all the prices upfront but we need to make sure that we are on the same page. When the money’s forwarded to our bank account, we will send you all the details and contracts. Double-check everything and let our Irving movers know if something needs to be changed. 

After this, there’s nothing left for you to do but wait for the moving day to come. Expect our Irving movers to show up on time and start moving you! 

Moving Day with Irving Moving Company

What does a moving day look like? Usually, it is a complete chaos. However, our Irving movers are here to ensure order. Because we have flexible scheduling and guaranteed window of arrival, our movers will arrive on time and start working on your relocation without any delays. 

With the reliable moving company in Irving, TX, you’ve got nothing to worry about because we will bring all the moving equipment including boxes, dollies, duct tape, etc. The first thing we need to do is pack your possessions. 

We’ll place everything into the boxes and label each box so that we know where to unpack it in your new home. In addition, we are one of the few moving companies in Irving, TX that have reassembly and disassembly already included in the price. That means that we will dismantle the furniture that is too big to transport in one piece and put everything back together for you. 

As we load the truck, we will ensure all the boxes are placed securely and nothing can tip over. Only then will we transport everything to your new home. Whether you are looking for apartment movers in Irving, TX or commercial movers in the area, we’ve got you covered. 

Upon arrival, our moving team will unload the truck and carry all the boxes into your new home. We will help you unpack and leave you to rest after a hard day! There’s nothing left for you to do but organize your stuff and start planning the moving-in party. 

How Much Does it Cost To Live in Irving, TX?

One of the main things you need to research before you move to Irving, TX is what you can expect in terms of prices. If you are looking to buy a home in Irving, you can find plenty of opportunities at decent costs. 

For instance, the median home value is $218,900. For those who are coming here to work and want to rent a home, prepare approximately $1,277. There are plenty of renting opportunities here as 63% of the people in Irving actually rent a home or an apartment. Meanwhile, the median household income is $69,961.

Are Movers in Irving, TX Expensive? 

One of the most important aspects of your move is the price. If the price is too high, you will be looking for other moving companies in Irving until you find the one which offers everything you need at competitive rates. 

To save you time (and money), you should know that our Irving moving company offers high-quality services that are affordable. Hiring movers should be available for everyone and we want to help people who are looking for their new home in Irving, TX.

What you should know about our prices is that we offer all-inclusive rates. Our Irving movers always include the following into the cost: 

  • Tools and equipment (moving dollies, wardrobe boxes, etc.) 
  • Wrapping and padding materials (shrink wrap and moving blankets) 
  • The service of disassembly and reassembly 
  • Crew of movers
  • Trucks according to their move size 
  • Basic coverage insurance
  • All-taxes

You’ll need to pay extra for the moving equipment such as boxes and bubble wrap that we will use, if you don’t have your own. In addition, our Irving moving company charges by the hour and has a two-hour minimum limit for all the local moves. 

We are really proud of the fact that we don’t include any hidden fees and that you’ll know the price upfront before you even book our Irving movers. Although this seems like a regular thing, unfortunately, there are some movers in Irving which attempt to charge more for extra services they add during the move. 

Irving is a wonderful choice! The city has a lot to offer for everyone who lives here. With a population of over 250,000 it is a nice combination of a larger city and a smaller place where you can feel the sense of community and family. 

The city is conveniently located near major highways and has easy access to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The great connection to the major hubs is one of the main reasons people move here. 

Other than that, Irving is home to numerous corporate headquarters and office complexes while the city is served by the Irving Independent School District – in other words – great homes for your kids. 

The city hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, providing entertainment options for residents. Additionally, nearby Dallas offers a wide array of cultural attractions, professional sports teams, and shopping and dining experiences.

Apartment Movers in Irving, TX Will Ease Your Apartment Move

Moving to your new apartment must be exciting, but finding the right apartment movers in Irving, TX is a crucial step. Our apartment movers will take care of your belongings. Before we start with organizing your move, we need you to send us some details, especially the stair and elevator situation in your building.

Also, if you have any specific requirements and time restrictions, please let our Irving movers know. Apartment moves are often more complicated due to difficult parking spaces in front of buildings and narrow corridors or elevators that don’t work.

With our Irving moving company, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Our team is trained in conducting apartment moves and we will make your move to Irving effortless. 

Movers in Irving, TX Will Remove Your Unwanted Items

We are one of the rare moving companies in Irving, TX that offer junk removal in addition to the standard moving services.

Usually, when people move they also want to declutter their home. They organize their stuff and bring only what they need in their new apartment. We can help you get rid of the things you don’t need! 

Our Irving movers can add multiple delivery locations on the day of your move. All you have to do is let us know what you want to get rid of and find the location – whether it is a storage unit, a charity or a recycling place – we will take away your stuff for you! 

Irving Moving Company Offers Piano Moving Services!

If you have an instrument you want to bring you, our Irving movers can help you with that as well! We relocate upright pianos in addition to your other possessions. 

At the moment our Irving moving company can only handle upright pianos as they are smaller than the concert ones. However, the instrument needs to be located on the ground floor and ready for our movers to take it. We will need a team of four to securely transport the piano to your new home. 

Our team is trained in moving the upright pianos, but keep in mind that the instrument can get out of tune during the transport, especially if it is a longer ride. For more information about this service, feel free to call our Irving moving company and we will answer all of your questions. 

Need To Move Your Office? Irving Movers Are Trained For It

Other than residential moves, our movers in Irving, TX can help you relocate your office, no matter how big or small it is. All we need is a full list of items to get started, as well as your pickup and delivery locations. 

Often, office moves need to be quick and secure and our moving team has gone through adequate training in moving office equipment. Large desks, printers, PCs, documents – we’ve got you covered. Office moves in Irving, Texas have never been easier and you can schedule your commercial relocation with our Irving Movers today! 

How do I find a reliable Irving moving company?

You can start by asking for recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have recently moved. Online review platforms like Yelp or Google Reviews can also provide insights into the experiences of previous customers. Additionally, you can reach out to local real estate agents or check with the Better Business Bureau for accredited movers in Irving, TX.

To save time, feel free to contact our Irving movers and get a quote right away so that you can start planning your move. 

Are moving companies in Irving, TX insured?

Reputable moving companies in Irving should have insurance coverage to protect your belongings during the move. It’s essential to inquire about their insurance policies and understand what is covered. Ask for proof of insurance and make sure it’s up to date.

Our Irving movers have all the necessary licenses and we offer moving insurance to all of our clients. The clients can choose a third-party insurance, but it is more expensive when you go outside of your chosen company. 

Should I tip the movers in Irving, TX?

While tipping is not mandatory, it is a common practice to show appreciation for a job well done. If you’re satisfied with the service provided by the movers in Irving, consider tipping them. The amount is typically based on factors like the complexity of the move, the distance, and overall satisfaction.

Book Your Irving Moving Company: We Are A Call Away

Are you ready to move? Irving is waiting for you – and so our we! Our Irving movers are ready to get started to work on your move. Call us at (469) 321-0399  and one of our representatives will be there with you, answering all of your questions and helping you from start to finish. 

The other way to contact us is by writing to us online – we are active every day, so we’ll get back to you right away!

What are you waiting for? Start your Irving relocation with one of the best moving companies in Irving, TX!

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