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Greg M.

Local Move

Marcelino and Jorge. Were awesome. They were professional and fast. I would recommend these movers to anybody who needs to move. That’s what i call fast and reliable service. Thank you.

Sean M.

Local Move

The 3 guys showed up on time. Worked efficiently. Wrapped and protected all my belongings. Was very happy with the move. Thanks to the crew. Marcelino, Jorge, and Jonathan.

Debbie H.

Local Mover

A1 Movers are the best ever and they are very reasonable. This is the second time I’ve used them. Our crew, Marcelino, Jonathan and Aurelio were efficient, professional, hard working and friendly. I appreciate them so much. I highly recommend them.

Nicolette S.

Local Move

If you are looking for quality movers and the best price in Dallas, then A#1 movers is it! Marcelino, Jonathan and Manuel were an amazing team. They worked quickly and efficiently and took care of all our stuff! Highly recommended!

Stephanie M.

Local Mover

Jorge and Ernesto with A1Movers were professional, quick and made the delivery super easy! Even with a massive washer and dryer- they did NOT ding or mess up any of the walls. Highly recommend A++

Beth C.

Local Move

Marcelino, Jorge, and Aurelio did an amazing job with our move today. They communicated well with us, and took excellent care of our stuff! We would 100% work with them again :)

Movers in Humble, TX Will Handle Your Local Relocation

Are you looking for professional movers in Humble, TX that can take care of your local relocation? Look no further because our A#1 Movers have everything you need – experience, knowledge and skilled movers! We provide a wide range of local moving services to everyone who wants to make Humble their new home. 

Why Should I Choose Movers in Humble, TX

Our moving company has over eight years of experience in local and long-distance moves. With the Humble movers, you can rest assured that your move will be smooth and effective. Our moving teams go through adequate training before they start working. We focus primarily on safety and efficiency. 

To provide the best moving services possible, our movers in Humble, TX come prepared. With trucks of different sizes and top-quality moving equipment, you have nothing to worry about. Lastly, our Humble movers have all the necessary licenses and provide moving insurance for all of our clients. 

How Can You Book Humble Movers

Getting a Quote

The first step of a booking process is to get a moving quote. Our movers in Humble, TX can send you a quote via email or via call. All you need to do is either visit our website, fill out the form and we will send you the estimate. On the other hand, if you call us, our friendly representatives will guide you through the entire quoting process. 

The more information you provide for our Humble moving company, the more accurate the quote will be. Here’s what we need to get started: 

  • Move size (number of bedrooms & approximate SQFT) 
  • Office moves: a complete list of items 
  • Zip Codes of the Pickup and Delivery locations
  • Stairs situation 
  • Heavy / Special Items 
  • Time Restrictions 

Remember that our moving quotes are completely free! Everyone can contact our Humble movers and request a quote. Knowing what to expect from our movers before we start working is essential. Each quote is personalized and non-binding. 

Booking Your Local Move

Once you get a quote, you can proceed with the booking process. In just a few minutes, you can book your move with our movers in Humble, TX. The booking is quite simple. 

All you need to do is pay a small deposit that will be calculated towards the overall moving rate. You pay for everything after the move, but we need the deposit to make sure we are on the same page to avoid any last-minute cancellations. 

When we get everything, we will send you the offer to your email, along with the contract and some other documents. At this point, you’re pretty much done. All that’s left for you is to wait for the moving day and our Humble movers to show up! 

Moving Day

What does a moving day with Humble movers look like? You must be excited about the fact that you are moving to Humble, TX. In a minute, you’ll see what it is like to live in this wonderful city and how it is different from other places in the area. 

But first, you need to complete the move. Our movers in Humble, TX will arrive at your pick-up location and start packing your possessions. We will make sure everything is packed and ready for transportation. Our team will bring all the necessary equipment that we need to safely pack your belongings. 

After that, we will load everything into our truck and position the boxes in a way so that nothing tips over. We will choose the best possible route to get to your new home quickly. If you are moving furniture as well, our Humblemovers will disassemble everything and put it back together – a service we don’t charge extra for! 

When we arrive at your new location, our moving team will unload the truck and help you get everything inside. We will unpack the boxes in their corresponding rooms, leaving you with minimal work of organizing your possessions and settling in your new home. As you can see, our trusted Humble movers take care of the entire moving process. 

Humble Movers Offer Competitive Rates and All-Inclusive Prices 

One of the questions that you have is: “How much does it cost to move with Humble movers?” Our movers in Humble, TX offer competitive rates for all of our moving services. However, determining the price of the move is difficult to do. 

The price depends on various factors such as: distance, moving services, the size of your home, specialized items, time restrictions, etc. Therefore, to determine the cost of your relocation, we need to take these details into account. 

What we can tell you for sure is that our movers in Humble, TX provide prices that are competitive and all-inclusive. This means that when you pay for your local move, this is what we cover: 

  • Tools and equipment (moving dollies, wardrobe boxes, etc.) 
  • Wrapping and padding materials (shrink wrap and moving blankets) 
  • The service of disassembly and reassembly 
  • Crew of movers
  • Trucks according to their move size 
  • Basic coverage insurance
  • All-taxes

What you should also know is that we have a two-hour minimum limit and we charge by the hour. The best way to get an accurate price is to request a quote! 

Movers in Humble, TX Are Flexible With Time and Moving Date

To make the relocation process as smooth as possible, our Humble, TX movers allow you to select time and date for your move. With our flexible scheduling and guaranteed window of arrival, you get the full control of choosing when you want to move. 

All you need to do is select the date during the booking process and one of the time windows available. The sooner you start planning your relocation, the more free slots are open, especially during the season. It is up to our Humble moving company to arrive on time and start with your move! 

Living in Humble, TX

Living in Humble, TX offers a suburban experience with a welcoming community, convenient amenities, and proximity to nature and the city This small, suburban area Harris County, Texas, is located approximately 20 miles northeast of downtown Houston and it only has slightly over 16,000 residents. 

The area is known for its lush green landscapes, including parks and trees. The community is close-knit and friendly, with various residential neighborhoods featuring single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. 

Humble residents enjoy access to parks, sports facilities, community centers, and libraries, fostering a family-friendly atmosphere. A lot of people travel to Houston to work, but with Humble being close-by, that is not a problem.

Is Humble, TX Expensive? 

Humble isn’t an expensive area. It has a reasonable cost of living compared to many other areas in the Greater Houston region. While the cost of living can vary depending on individual circumstances and lifestyle choices, Humble tends to offer more affordable housing options compared to the nearby city of Houston.

For example, the median home value in Humble, TX is $144,700 while median rent is $1,025, both well below the national average. The prices of produce varies, depending on the store, but on average, you can find the following price tags: 

  • Milk (1 gallon): $2.50 – $3.50
  • Bread (loaf, white or whole wheat): $2.00 – $4.00
  • Eggs (dozen, large): $1.50 – $3.00
  • Chicken breasts (1 pound): $2.50 – $4.00
  • Apples (1 pound): $1.00 – $2.00

Humble Moving Company Provides Different Packing Options

Packing is one of the most time-consuming tasks. Going through your belongings and figuring out what to bring with you and what to leave behind can take hours. Add packing everything into boxes, labeling and making sure that everything’s safe and you get days of work. 

Instead of doing everything by yourself, you can contact our Humble moving company to help you with packing. We provide different packing options for everyone that moves with us and it is up to you to select the right offer for you. 

With our standard service, our Humble movers will allow you to pack by yourself. This is a great choice for DIY-ers and people who want to save some money on their relocation. Prepare everything the day before the move and allow us to load your boxes into our truck and transport it to your new home. 

Choose partial packing and our movers in Humble, TX will pack your kitchen and your closet while you do the rest. Who wants to deal with all the kitchen utensils and fragile glasses and plates? If you don’t want to worry about it, we’ve got you covered. 

Lastly, our Humble movers offer full packing and moving service, at no extra cost. We can pack your entire home and get it across to your new address in Humble in just a few hours. Keep in mind that we will arrive strong, with an additional team member to speed things up. 

Humble Movers Can Help You Relocate Your Furniture

Do you have some old furniture that you want to transport to your parent’s home? Did you buy new furniture, but now, you need to move? Moving furniture is stressful and difficult. But, leave these worries to your trusted movers in Humble, TX. 

Our moving team can help you move your closets, beds, sofas, chairs, tables, TVs – you name it! We’ll keep your items safe throughout the moving process, but the best thing is that you don’t have to do any heavy lifting. Our team will handle everything for you! 

Some items may be too large to transport, but our Humble movers offer assembly and disassembly services that are already included in the moving price! Moving furniture has never been easier! 

Choose Junk Removal and Declutter Your Home With Movers in Humble, TX

Moving is a great opportunity for you to declutter your home and go through the things that piled up in your home over the years. Are you going to wear that shirt? How about those pants? Getting rid of stuff may be difficult, but it is necessary. You don’t want to move to your new home and not have room to live comfortably. Our Humble moving company is one of the few movers in this area that offer junk removal in addition to moving services! We can get rid of the unwanted things for you – and all you need to do is find a place where we will take those things to! Give us a call and see what we can help you with!

Our Humble, TX Movers Specialize in Local Moves

Whether you are moving your home, office or coming out of the apartment in Houston, our Humble movers can assist you with any type of local relocation. Humble is just one of the cities we are providing our services in – we know the area well and we will do everything to ensure that your move goes smoothly.

Local relocation is where our true passion lies and watching people start their new life has been humbling (no pun intended). Therefore, we encourage you to call our movers in Humble, TX, choose your local moving services and schedule your local relocation with us! 

What is the average timeline for a local move in Humble, TX?

The average timeline for a local move in Humble, TX can vary depending on factors such as the size of your move and the distance between your current and new locations. 

Generally, a local move within Humble can be completed in a few hours, single day or over the weekend. Our Humble moving company is available every day and you can move on weekdays and weekends! 

How can I ensure the safety of my belongings during a move in Humble, TX?

To ensure the safety of your belongings during a move in Humble, TX, you can:

  • Choose a reputable and insured moving company such as our A#1 Movers.
  • Label fragile items and communicate any specific handling instructions.
  • Pack your belongings securely or opt for professional packing services our Humble movers provide.
  • Consider purchasing additional moving insurance for valuable or delicate items.

Are there any affordable movers in Humble, TX?

Yes, there are several moving companies in Humble, TX that offer competitive and affordable rates. It’s recommended to obtain quotes from multiple companies to find the best price for your specific moving needs. 

Our A#1 Movers believe that moving services should be accessible to everyone and not cost a fortune. With our competitive rates, you can move quickly to Humble from any neighboring city. 

Schedule Your Moving Day With Our Moving Company in Humble

Humble is a great place to live in and you must be thrilled about moving there. Why don’t you contact our movers in Humble, TX and select the first date available? Our phone number is (469) 321-0399.

We’ll be eager to help you out with the booking process, but if you want to do this by yourself, you can check out our website and fill out the required information. 

Once you book our Humble movers, you can leave everything else to us! We’ll get things started and all you need to do is wait for our movers to do our job.  

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