Moving to Dallas: How to Organize Your Move

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Dallas moving requires careful organization, especially if you want to avoid any stressful situations. However, many people underestimate their local relocation. It turns out things aren’t that simple, and it takes a bit more than simply moving your possessions into your new home.

First, you need to search for Dallas moving resources online, find and hire packers and movers, and safely transport all of your belongings to your new home.

This isn’t a simple process.

Therefore, our team at A#1 Movers has created the best collection of Dallas moving resources for the best experience!

Here’s everything you must do for your local relocation.

Understanding The Dallas Area

Moving to Dallas is an experience of its own. Rich in culture, opportunities, and amenities, this vibrant and diverse city has something for everyone. Moving here means moving to a city with a thriving economy, a bustling and growing job market, and a dynamic cultural and arts scene

Dallas offers many vibrant neighborhoods with their own charm and lifestyle. In addition to the neighborhoods, you will have many attractions to visit throughout the city. World-class museums, theaters, and galleries call Dallas home. If you are a sports lover, then we don’t need to explain why Dallas is the perfect choice for you. 

When moving to Dallas, take the time to research transportation, education, and healthcare. Here is a guide to get you started with your research. 

Overall, making the most of your Dallas move starts with understanding the city and area. No matter what you may be drawn to, whether it’s the economy, cultural attractions, or diverse neighborhoods – Dallas will welcome you with open arms and endless opportunities.

How to Decide Between DIY Moving & Professional Dallas Movers? 

The first decision you have to make is whether you want to move with professional movers or you want to complete the move by yourself. Both options have benefits and downsides, which is why you must consider it.

For example, hiring Dallas packers and movers makes the process a lot easier, as they will handle packing and moving. It is also way more efficient because you will not have to get supplies for the move, and your entire relocation will be finished in just a few days—a couple of days to prepare and one day for the movers to finish their job.

On the other hand, DIY doesn’t have any constraints, and you can do something each day and slowly transport everything you need. If you are not in a rush, want to save some money, and have a large vehicle or a truck to transport your things, you can consider this option, too.

No matter which option you choose, make the decision on time to find and schedule your move with Dallas local movers or create a plan for the DIY move.

Hiring A Dallas Moving Company

Your Dallas moving journey has just begun, and if you’ve decided to hire local movers, you’ve chosen a more manageable path!

However, hiring movers may take some time. You first want to read reviews and recommendations and create a list of the moving companies you like most. If you know someone who moved, ask them to recommend you a company and share their experience.

Get Dallas Moving Quotes

Call each Dallas moving service provider and ask them for a price estimate. Although you can get these on websites, they might not be as accurate. By asking for a price estimate, you will learn what moving companies charge, and having a breakdown of prices will make it easier for you to plan your relocation.

Besides the price estimate, you can ask additional questions about their services, licenses, and insurance. You want to find motivated movers who are ready to help you out and recommend services that you really need.

Choose an Affordable Dallas Moving Company

Once you call each company you are interested in, you must choose Dallas movers offering top-quality services.  

You will agree on a moving date, decide whether to buy insurance or get third-party insurance, and sign a contract. We recommend reading the contract carefully before signing it to avoid potential hidden fees and unlicensed movers.

Even if you heard of this company from a friend, you can never know if they can change things in their contracts with clients. Unfortunately, some scamming companies just want to take money from people.

Dallas Moving is Completely Stress-Free With A#1 Movers

To save some time on your process, you can immediately join hundreds of satisfied clients who moved with A#1 Movers. Our company was established with one goal—to make moving easy for Dallas residents.

We are licensed and insured movers who put our staff through essential training. On the moving day, our Dallas movers and packers will arrive to pack you and transport your belongings safely to your new destination. A wide choice of services allows you to tailor your move the way you like it and choose only what you need.

From the start, we will offer you transparent and competitive rates, and you will know the exact hourly rate for the move without any hidden fees. 

You can kickstart your Dallas moving journey with the right company by your side!

Dallas Moving Tips: Planning Your Move

Notify Your Landlord and Change Your Address

Once you find a company, you’ve just started with the move. You now know the cost of hiring movers, but you will have some additional expenses on the side. You need to notify your landlord if you are moving out of the rented property and change your address if you are selling your home.

Doing this may bring some extra costs to your move because of potential home repairs cleaning services that you can consider hiring or finding real estate agents to sell your house.

Depending on what you planned, you will need to deal with some paperwork throughout your move.

Declutter Your Home

The Dallas moving company you hire will take care of many aspects of your relocation, but you will also have to do some things before they arrive.

Most importantly, it is up to you to decide which possessions you will bring with you. A few days before the movers arrive, you should go through your stuff and only choose the ones that you want to bring to your new home.

With your old things, you have four options:

  • Gift
  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Throw out

Always consider donating your possessions to a nearby charity, but make sure that you check out what they need first. Not all charities accept everything. If you think someone will make use of your old t-shirts or a small bedside table, surprise them!

Whatever you do with your possessions is your decision; we’re just here to give you some ideas!

If you’ve decided to pack up on your own instead of hiring your Dallas movers to help you pack, check out our detailed packing guide!

Ask for Help

If you have too many things to move around and some heavy items to carry, you can ask someone for help. Don’t be shy to invite one of your friends, colleagues or neighbors to speed this process up. This will mean a lot for you because it will open up some free time where you can prepare everything else regarding your move or simply finish some work-related tasks.

Packing Strategies for Dallas Moves

There are many phases of packing, and as the worst part of your move (for most people at least), you will want to make it as easy as possible for yourself and everyone involved. So, we’ve gathered some Dallas moving tips that involve the packing process as well. 

Prepare All The Packing Supplies You Will Need

You’ve probably decluttered your house by now, so it is time to pack all the things you have decided to bring with you.

And that would be utterly impossible without finding enough packing supplies!

So, what supplies will be crucial for packing your inventory correctly?

1. Cardboard Boxes

You will need something to put your belongings into.

Well, cardboard boxes are exactly what you need.

And if you are worried about how much money you will have to spend to get these boxes, do not worry. You can get enough cardboard boxes for your move absolutely for free.

Visit your local grocery store, supermarket, bookstore, or liquor store, and you might be able to get some moving boxes without paying a cent!

2. Protective Materials

If you do not want your most fragile belongings to break during the transition, you will definitely need protective materials to pack them properly.

The most common packing materials, and the ones people use the most, are definitely packing paper and plastic bubble wrap.

3. Packing Tape

You will need packing tape if you want your belongings to stay in the boxes during the truck ride.

Before loading your boxes, make sure that all of them are correctly taped and will not open before you open them in your new home.

Different Boxes Have Different Purposes

Now, if you want to pack like a pro without any help from professional house packing services, you will need to understand the purposes of each box size and shape.

So, let’s begin.

What you should know is that large boxes are usually used for packing bulky but not very heavy items, while small boxes are ideal for packing small but heavy items.

When packing your clothes, consider wardrobe boxes, as they may be a great solution.

Boxes with dividers are the best option for packing dishes or other breakable items, as they prevent them from being damaged during the truck ride.

Use The Things You Already Have As Packing Supplies

You do not need to spend tons of money on getting the right packing supplies for your move. In fact, you can use things that you already have and turn them into packing supplies! You may be wondering, ‘How so?’ Well, it is pretty easy, in fact.

For example, you could use towels or other pieces of cloth to fill in the gaps in your boxes.

Not only that, but you could also use your suitcases, for example, instead of boxes, and pack your clothes in them!

This way, you will save time and money, and your belongings will still be perfectly packed for your upcoming move.

Do Not Overstuff Your Boxes

One of the first pieces of advice any professional house packing services would give you is that you should never overstuff your moving boxes.

If you do so, your boxes will be too heavy, and not only will your movers not be able to lift them, carry them, and load them into the truck, but there will also be more chances for your belongings to get damaged or fall out of the boxes during the truck ride.

When packing your boxes, you should always make sure that they are not packed to the very top and that there is still a little bit of space left on the top of the box.

Make Sure There Are Not Any Gaps In Your Boxes

We recommend not overstuffing your boxes and trying not to leave any gaps inside them.

If you leave gaps inside your boxes, there are good chances that your belongings will cause damage to each other during their transition.

You can fill in all the gaps with packing paper or any pieces of cloth (even towels) you own.

This way, even your most fragile belongings will be completely safe during this relocation, and you will be able to relax and have peace of mind throughout.

Try To Make Your Fragiles Extra Protected

Your fragile belongings are definitely the ones you should be paying the most attention to when packing.

According to our most reliable house packing services, the items that get damaged most commonly during the move are actually the ones that are the most fragile.

This includes all the dishes, glassware, porcelain, vases, etc.

So, how to pack these possessions without actually damaging them?

Well, the most crucial step if you truly want to pack your fragile belongings properly is protecting them with packing paper or plastic bubble wrap.

The most essential part is that you will actually need to wrap every single item in packing paper to ensure it will not be broken or damaged during the move.

If you are packing your plates, for example, try to wrap every single plate in packing paper, then create bundles of 3, 4, or 5 wrapped plates, and then wrap the whole bundle with packing paper again.

This will most definitely prevent your precious belongings from breaking, and you will be feeling satisfied, calm, and happy once the time for unpacking arrives and you start unpacking piece by piece from your boxes.

Label All The Boxes You Are Moving

Last but not least: labeling boxes.

Many people get so tired or bored by decluttering their items, disassembling the furniture, and packing all of their belongings that they simply forget about labeling the boxes or consider this task less critical.

However, it is far from unimportant.

Labeling your boxes the right way will make your packing process much more organized and your unpacking much faster and easier as well.

It is definitely not tricky! All you will need are some colorful markers, and the job will be done in 5 minutes!

Just write on the boxes what is inside them – it is that easy.

If you want to make it more fun or exciting, use colors and numbers in order to label your boxes more efficiently.

Mark each room with a certain number or color – you could write the number three on all boxes that go to the kitchen, four on all boxes that go to the living room, etc.

Moving Day Logistics

You have changed your address, prepared your belongings for packing and set a moving date with your company a few weeks back! There’s nothing else to do but wait for the movers to arrive.

If you’ve hired both packers and movers, your professional team will arrive early in the morning and pack your belongings. They will bring all the moving and packing equipment, including boxes, bubble wrap, dollies, etc. They will pack your belongings and label the boxes, so you know which box is which once you start unpacking.

After that, movers will load the truck so that nothing tips over. This is important because goods can get damaged during transport. If you secure them inside the truck, you are good to go.

Your Dallas moving company will deliver everything to your new home and unpack it (if you selected this service). The move ends officially here, but you are not yet finished.

Settling into Your New Dallas Home

Once the residential movers arrive with your possessions, you will have to unpack them, or they can do that for you.  Either way, organizing your belongings inside your new home is up to you. We suggest you first put all the boxes where they belong so that you clear out space.

You first need to put together the furniture in case you dismantled it before the move. Once you move large furniture pieces into their place, you can take care of everything else.

You have moved into your new home, and there’s no rush. Unpack the essentials first; if you are tired, you can spread this task over several days. There’s no reason to push yourself because the most crucial part of the relocation is over.

Review Your Dallas Moving Company

Your Dallas moving journey has come to an end, but you may hear from your movers again. Usually, your Dallas movers will call you after your move to ask you for your feedback. They will either send you a questionnaire or ask you to leave a review on some of the websites, such as Yelp or Google.

You should do this because feedback is helpful for other people who move – and the moving company. They will take your feedback seriously and use it to improve the services they provide.

Of course, if you are honest, this will mean a lot for someone else who is hiring your Dallas moving company.

Enjoy Your First Night in Your New Dallas Home

To finish your local move on a positive note, you can organize something for your family and friends. This is entirely optional, but you will have family over to show them your new place, so why not make them dinner?

A move can be challenging to complete, and throwing an enormous party means that you need to organize yet another thing. Therefore, a dinner with your loved ones is a much better option where you can relax and have a few drinks.

Contact A#1 Movers Today

With this comprehensive guide, your local relocation in Dallas should be a lot easier. Choosing a Dallas moving company is the first step of the way and we at A#1 Movers are more than willing to help.

Reach out to us for a free, no-obligation quote today! We’ll be more than happy to assist you throughout the entire moving process. Welcome to Dallas! 

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