How to Prepare Your Furry Friends For A Pet-Friendly Moving Experience

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If you are planning a Dallas move soon, you might know exactly how much preparation and stress can go into the process. And when you add your four-legged friends into the equation, there are a lot of factors to consider before you simply call up your movers and pack up for the trip. Pets can feel anxious and confused during the move, and getting them adjusted to their new environment smoothly is an entirely different “to-do list.” So, let’s go over some essential tips to help your pets have a stress-free experience! 

How to Prepare Your Pets for The Move

Visit The Vet

Before the move, schedule a visit to the vet to ensure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations and gather necessary medications for the journey if needed. If you are moving to an entirely new area, you can ask for recommendations for vets near your new home, too! 

Update ID Tags

Ensure your pet’s ID tags and microchip info are updated with the new address and contact information. This will ensure easy identification of your pet if they were to get lost during the move or in the new neighborhood. Better safe than sorry. 

Maintain Your Routine

Pets thrive on routine, so it is important to try to maintain their regular feeding, walking and playtime schedules during the moving process well. While we know that there might be a lot to do already, familiarity and consistency may help reduce their stress levels on the big day. 

Create a Safe Space 

Set up a quite and comfortable area in your old and new home where your pet can hide from the chaos of packing and moving if needed. Fill this area with their favorite toys, bedding and some water to help them feel safe and secure.

Introduce Your New Home To Them

If possible, it would be best to introduce you pet to your new home slowly. This means allowing them to explore one room at a time, expanding their access to the rest of the house. This approach will help prevent overwhelming your pets with too many new sights and smells all at once. 


Think about how you will be transporting your pet, as you don’t want them to get scared or stressed out. Use a secure pet carrier or harness, provide a lot of ventilation, and get them used to being in a vehicle or their carrier. If you take some time to practice this with your pet with some shorter trips, it will be much easier on the big day. 

Settling In

Once you arrive at the destination, set up your pet’s new safe space somewhere in the home. Set up their food, water, and bedding, and spend extra time helping them get used to their new surroundings. Give them a chance to explore their new environment. 

Go For a Walk

Take some walks around your new neighborhood to get your pet used to the new sights, smells, sounds, and surroundings. This can help them feel more comfortable in this completely new environment. 

Be Patient and Understanding

It may take time for your furry friend to adjust to their new home entirely. It may be the same for you, too! So, take the time to give them some love, attention and reassurance as you all settle into your new home 

Pet-Proofing Your New Home: Creating a Safe Environment for Your Furry Friend

  • Secure Hazardous Items. If any potential hazards could pose a risk to your pet, make sure to remove them and store them in secure cabinets or high shelves out of your pet’s reach. These items could be toxic plants, cleaning supplies, medications, electrical cords, or small objects. 
  • Childproof Latches. If you have cabinets or drawers that might hold items that could pose a harm to your pet, you can install childproof latches to prevent them from being opened.
  • Electrical Outlets and Cords. Covering outlets and concealing cords with protectors is a very smart way of having your pets keep away from chewing on them during the move. 
  • Choking Hazards. Coins, buttons, rubber bands and similar items should be removed from reachable areas on the day of the move. These all pose choking hazards for your furry friend. Secure any loose cords or curtain strings to prevent your pet from becoming tangled.
  • Trash Bins. Pet-proof trash bins come with secure lids that prevent your pet from rummaging through the garbage and ingesting harmful items. 
  • Block Off Areas. Some areas in your home may be harmful for your pet. Staircases, balconies, or rooms with fragile items should be blocked off with baby gates or pet gates while your pets are unsupervised during the move. 
  • Pet Safe Plants. If you have indoor plants, ensure they are non-toxic to your pets. Lilies philodendrons, aloe vera, and similar plants can be toxic if ingested by dogs or cats. Spider plants, Boston ferns, or palms are a better alternative to pet-safe plants. 
  • Provide Safe Chew Toys. Prevent your pet from chewing on furniture, shoes, or other household items by providing plenty of safe chew toys and interactive toys to keep them entertained.
  • Secure Windows and Screens: Consider installing window screens or window guards for added safety, to prevent your pet from escaping or falling out of open windows.

How to Minimize Stress for Animals During The Move 

It is important to maintain a routine. Sticking to your pets regular feeding, walking and playtime schedules is very important before, during and the move – as we’ve already mentioned. Managing a consistent schedule for your pets can help them provide a sense of stability and comfort during these ever-changing times. 

Creating a safe space for them before introducing them to the packing process is a very good place to start. Set them up a quite space in your home and make sure they have water and bedding to feel comfy. Then, you can take some packing supplies like boxes and bubble wrap to get them used to these supplies hanging around the home. Allow them to familiarize themselves with these supplies at their own pace. Avoid overstimulating them with a lot of changes at once. 

There are some pet-calming pheromone products that come in the form of sprats, diffusers, and collars. These products mimic natural pheromones that can help your pet calm down and feel comfortable in stressful situations. 

On the day of the move, don’t throw them in the middle of the action. We want our pets out of the way so no harm comes to them. You won’t be able to keep an eye on them at all times, so dedicate a room for them or put them in a crate. Ensure they have their favorite toys, bedding and some known scents to minimize stress.

During transportation, you need to make sure that your pets feel comfortable. You can cover their carrier with a blanket or simply bring a blanket along with them to create a cozy environment. If they have their favorite blanket that is already covered in scents, you are good to go! 

Once you’ve arrived at your new home, you need to introduce them slowly. Don’t let them go crazy and get overwhelmed. You quite literally need to go a new home tour with them, showing them all the nooks and crannies before they call themselves comfortable in this new space. 

If you are stressed on the big day, your pet will probably be too – and associate this experience with something negative. Make sure to be calm and collected, especially when interacting with your pet so they remain calm during the entire day. 

Pet-Friendly Dallas Neighborhoods and Parks

Dallas, Texas, is a gorgeous city with many pet-friendly neighborhoods and parks where you and your furry friend can enjoy the outdoors together. Here are some pet friendly neighborhoods and parks in Dallas:

Pet Friendly Neighborhoods


  • Bustling neighborhood with a wide variety of pet-friendly amenities. 
  • Pet-friendly apartments and condos.
  • Pet-friendly restaurants with outdoor patios.
  • Tons of green spaces like Griggs Park, where you can take your furry friends for a walk.

Oak Lawn

  • Known for its welcoming attitude toward pets.
  • The Katy Trail is one of the most popular pedestrian and biking trails in the area, runs through this neighborhood and is a popular choice among pet owners.

BIshop Arts District

  • Eclectic neighborhood in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, known for its artsy vibe and pet-friendly amenities. 
  • Pet-friendly shopping. 
  • Pet-friendly restaurants with outdoor seating areas suitable for your pets. 

Pet Friendly Parks

White Rock Lake Park 

  • An outdoor recreational favorite for Dallas residents. 
  • A popular spot for pet owners. 
  • Several trails where you can walk or jog with your dog.
  • Off-leash areas where your pet can play and socialize. 

Katy Trail

  • 3.5 mile-long pedestrian and biking trail.
  • Runs through the park of Dallas, from Victory Park to SMU. 
  • A popular destination for dog walkers, joggers and cyclists. 
  • Beautiful scenery and lots of benches to rest along the way. 

NorthBark Dog Park

  • Located in North Dallas.
  • Spacious, off-leash dog park. 
  • Separate areas for large and small dogs. 
  • Walking trails, agility equipment, and shaded seating areas are available. 

White Rock Creek Trail

  • Runs along the White Rock Creek in North Dallas. 
  • Great spot for walking, running, and biking wit your pet. 
  • Beautiful views of the creek and surrounding greenery

Flagpole Hill

  • Popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts in Dallas. 
  • Scenic views of White Rock Lake and Downtown Dallas. 
  • Walking trails, picnic areas and open fields to play fetch with your dog. 

Transporting and Settling In with Pets

Let’s see what we’ve gathered so far, and conclude this blog with an overview. 

Before the Move 

  • Schedule a visit to the vet to ensure your pet is up-to-date with all their health needs and medications. 
  • Update your pet’s ID tags and microchip information with your new address. 
  • Pack up an essentials box for your pet with items they may need during the move, such as food, water, bowls, bedding, toys, and medications. 
  • Prepare a comfortable space for your pet in your vehicle with blankets and familiar scents. 

Traveling Safely

  • Make sure your pet is in a well-ventilated carrier or crate during the move. 
  • Ensure their maximum comfort level by providing anything they may need during the trip.
  • If you are transporting them by car, plan for breaks so your furry friend can stretch their legs, use the bathroom, and drink some water. 
  • Avoid leaving your pet unattended in a parked car, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Settling into the New Home

  • Create a safe space for your furry friend in your new home. Don’t forget the essentials: bedding, water and toys. 
  • Introduce your pet to different areas of the house – slowly. Supervise them during their exploration time. 
  • Establish a routine in your new home as soon as possible. Regular feeding times, walks and play sessions are important for the consistency of your pet’s schedule. 
  • Keep an eye on your pet during the adjustment period and provide them with a lot of love and attention to help them feel more secure. 
  • Take time to explore the neighborhood with your furry friends, so they can get used to their new surroundings as soon as possible. Show them some parks, walking trails and pet-friendly amenities – they will surely love it! 

Safety Precautions

  • Pet-proof your new home by securing hazardous items, covering electrical outlets and cords, and removing potential choking hazards.
  • Make sure that windows and doors are securely closed to prevent your pet from escaping.
  • Consider using pet gates or barriers to restrict access to certain parts of the home until your pet is fully settled in and familiar with their surroundings.

Your Pet’s Personalized Packing Checklist

We are concluding this blog with a visual checklist for your pet. Hopefully, it will help you remember all the necessities you need to pack!

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